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Podyplomowe studia Enterprise 4.0 : Korzyści
Podyplomowe studia „Enterprise 4.0”
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Unique opportunity to:
  • learn directly from practitioners with experience in implementing digital solutions in the largest transnational corporations,
  • take advantage of the best practices originating from the leading global consulting company,
  • learn about global trends in the digital transformation,
  • acquire know-how on successful implementation of new technologies.

 Benefits for students

The graduates of ENTERPRISE 4.0. postgraduate studies will acquire knowledge regarding the latest methodologies and technologies that help businesses grow. This unique knowledge supported with examples of implementation will significantly increase their value on the 21-century labor market.

 Benefits for employers

​Graduates of ENTERPRISE 4.0. will be able to:
  • understand how digital technologies can help their enterprises grow and stay ahead of the curve,
  • identify technologies that will help boost performance and lower operational costs of their departments / in their functional areas of expertise.