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Podyplomowe studia Enterprise 4.0 : Enterprise 4.0| Szkoła Główna Handlowa w Warszawie
Podyplomowe studia „Enterprise 4.0”
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Stay on top of the latest trends and technologies that shape the business of tomorrow!
The ENTERPRISE 4.0. postgraduate studies aim at providing students with knowledge and skills related to technologies that shape the 21 century’s business. The 15-week journey will include wide array of topics related to implementation of the latest methodologies and technologies in different departments of transnational corporation.


This course is essential for those who want and need to stay up to date with the latest digital technologies’ application in business. It is highly recommended for companies’ C-suites, managers and team leaders, but also for all those, who would like to stay on top of latest digital trends and understand how they will shape the future of doing business.

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​Information and registration:

Karolina Nivette
phone: +48 22 564 93 49
e-mail: Karolina Nivette

Warsaw School of Economics
Collegium of World Economy
ul. Madalińskiego 6/8, building M, room 33
02-513 Warsaw, Poland
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Schwabe Michał kierownik.jpg

Michał Schwabe, Ph. D.

Department of European Integration and Legal Studies

Studia podyplomowe