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Podyplomowe studia Enterprise 4.0 : Cel
Podyplomowe studia „Enterprise 4.0”
Study in English Uniwersytet Trzeciego Wieku E-learning Szkolenia korporacyjne Kursy językowe Studia MBA Studia doktoranckie Studia podyplomowe Studia magisterskie Studia licencjackie Kursy przygotowawcze Ekonomiczny Uniwersytet Dziecięcy Akademia Młodego Ekonomisty

 Main goal

The aim of the studies is to provide students with knowledge regarding the latest trends and digital technologies, that are now revolutionizing global businesses.
This course is essential for those who want and need to stay up to date with the latest digital technologies’ application in business. It is highly recommended for companies’ C-suites, managers and team leaders, but also for all those, who would like to stay on top of latest digital trends and understand how they will shape the future of doing business.