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Podyplomowe studia Enterprise 4.0 : Rekrutacja
Podyplomowe studia „Enterprise 4.0”
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The recruitment procedure is open now. It takes place on the basis of registration in the Postgraduate Studies Information System at SGH (Informatyczny System Studiów Podyplomowych SGH).
Required documents:
  • agreement on the conditions of the payment of tuition fees (agreement sample),
  • application form (generated from the Postgraduate Studies Information System),
  • copy of the diploma awarded on completion of - at least - the first degree of studies (Bachelor),
  • In the case of foreign diplomas: Master’s or Bachelor's degree diploma with transcripts (in some countries called: general opinion on diploma) certifying the completion of university studies. Apart from diploma and transcript/general opinion on diploma, foreign university's degree-holder, has to submit Polish translation of both documents (diploma and transcript/general opinion on diploma). We accept only translations provided by a certified translators (PL: tłumacz przysięgły). Please note that foreign diploma recognition at SGH may last up  to 30 days. Without having foreign diploma recognized at SGH, you can not be enrolled in post-graduate studies.


 Tuition Fee

​Tuition fee amounts to 8500,00 PLN (It is possible to pay the tuition fee in 2 equal instalments).
The tuition fee covers teaching materials and issuance of the graduation certificate.

The account number for payment is generated automatically for each student after signing up for studies in the Postgraduate Studies Information System at SGH.


The condition for completing the studies is:
  • Test exam
  • Written assignment
  • In-class performance