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Podyplomowe Studia „Corporate Governance, Risk and Compliance Management” : Cel
Podyplomowe Studia „Corporate Governance, Risk and Compliance Management”
Study in English Uniwersytet Trzeciego Wieku E-learning Szkolenia korporacyjne Kursy językowe Studia MBA Studia doktoranckie Studia podyplomowe Studia magisterskie Studia licencjackie Kursy przygotowawcze Ekonomiczny Uniwersytet Dziecięcy Akademia Młodego Ekonomisty

 Cel studiów

The aim of the studies is to enhance the ability of students working primarily in legal, compliance, risk, audit departments, other control functions as well as managers and company directors. Real-life business cases from different business sectors will be used during the studies to increase practitioners’ awareness of corporate governance, risk and compliance management. The studies will help students understand ethics and compliance principles, corporate governance, anti-money laundering, risk management concepts; thus, strengthening their ability to respond professionally to the legal and regulatory requirements.
The concepts apply to any field. The studies provide research and insights on a broad range of issues facing corporations that includes inter alia  principles of corporate governance, ethics and compliance programs, risk identification, assessment and management, monitoring and auditing capabilities, crisis management.