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Academy of Young Economist Children’s Economic University Preparatory Courses in Economics Bachelor Studies Master Studies Post-Graduate Studies Doctoral Studies MBA Studies Language Courses Professional Trainings E-Learning University of Third Age Study in Polish

 Main goal

The main objectives of the programme are:
  • To enable ambitious professionals in any business or government sector, working in any function (Accounting, Marketing, Sales, Finance, HR, IT, Internal Audit etc.), any size of organisation and any country, to play a key role in the decision-making process of their organisation.
  • To address the practical issues facing managers and to guide participants in practical problem-solving.
  • To view finance from a global perspective and to relate it to all the processes within an organisation.
  • To join a network of highly knowledgeable and experienced professionals
  • To enable participants to share experiences, knowledge and expertise.
  • To enable participants to apply their knowledge and experience at a strategic level in various areas:
    • Evaluating performance
    • Controlling finances
    • Identifying, evaluating and managing risk
    • Analysing and exploiting opportunities
    • Increasing efficiency and improving performance
    • Providing independent reviews