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„International Finance” is an intensive and ambitious programme offered jointly by SGH Warsaw School of Economics and the EY Academy of Business. This is a unique programme for business professionals.

This programme is addressed to professionals who may or may not work in financial positions, but for whom Finance is essential for their career.

The entire programme is practical: short cases will be used to enable students to view the practical application of the concepts taught.

We are in the process of completing the 6th edition of the studies. Recruitment for the 7th edition is ongoing!

The program start on 29 October 2022 Online Live.

This is a live online training program with the following features:
  • ‘Classroom effect’ so that everyone knows who the other participants are and can communicate with them and tutor via chat;
  • Sharing screens so that participants can view the trainer’s screen and work together with them in real time;
  • Possibility to communicate via audio with small groups or when the trainer allows;
  • ‘Breakout rooms’ enabled so that the class can be divided into groups to interact among themselves and solve case studies;
  • Downloadable materials all in one location, printable;
  • Surveys, polls, MCQs and open questions during the classes: responses broadcast in real time (under the trainer’s control);
  • Evaluation tests can be given during the online course;
  • All our trainers have many years of experience in online training delivery.



This programme is for ambitious professionals at all levels with or without previous academic education in finance, but who require professional and practical skills in finance. A great number of professionals in both the private and public sectors who possess excellent technical skills in various areas (Accounting, Marketing, HR, Sales, IT, Banking, Administration, etc.) find that a lack of financial expertise is preventing them from developing their business career and personal advancement. They are aware that finance no longer conforms to the tradition of mechanically computing historic figures in company books, but that nowadays it involves managers being proactive and making crucial long-term decisions for their company.

Available on the market for the first time, this programme is designed to give working professionals a unique opportunity to obtain such practical financial skills, whatever their background. They will gain hands-on experience of working with financial issues and apply new skills in decision-making activities within a business context.

One great benefit will be the enhancement of English language skills in a business context and environment.

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Enquiries and registrations:

Katarzyna Pudelska
EY Academy of Business
telefon: +48 510 201 305

 Agata Augustyniak
e-mail: Agata Augustyniak

SGH Warsaw School of Economics
phone: +48 22 564 9528
SGH Warsaw School of Economics