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​The programme is suitable for those who want to advance in their career beyond their technical abilities and who want to play an important role in the success of their organisation.

This postgraduate programme is designed specifically for the prospective manager of a modern organisation, requiring practical skills in the day-to-day operations as well as in strategic decision-making. These skills relate to the management processes of: planning, decision-making, implementing, monitoring and controlling.


 Benefits for students


​The academic content of the degree will be complemented by applied solutions developed by professional trainers from EY Academy of Business. These trainers will not only lecture to their audiences and conduct workshops and case studies, but also share their professional experiences with students in the various areas of finance.

Candidates are therefore assured of two things:

  • a programme with content, methodology and structure that is professionally proven
  • knowledge, tools and skills that originate from the market place and are practical and useful for day to day decision-making

One important objective of this course is to enhance the Business English Language Skills of candidates.


 Benefits for employees



  • are characterized by openness and willingness to actively participate in the processes related to Finance
  • show creativity in finding solutions to problems
  • show creative criticism in relation to the IFRS methods and tools
  • have the ability to analysis and synthesize  complex accounting issues
  • are sensitive to conditions and cultural differences among stakeholders (shareholders , investors, investment analysts , business partners , employees , etc.)