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Academy of Young Economist Children’s Economic University Preparatory Courses in Economics Bachelor Studies Master Studies Post-Graduate Studies Doctoral Studies MBA Studies Language Courses Professional Trainings E-Learning University of Third Age Study in Polish



Course title

  1. Introductory courses (40 h)
    International economics (20 h)
    Introduction to economic diplomacy (20 h)
  2. Specialization courses (64 h)
    International competitiveness (8 h)
    Nation branding (8 h)
    International business transactions (8 h)
    Environmental conflicts in the world economy and their solutions (8 h)
    Law in economic diplomacy (8 h)
    European antitrust law and policy (8 h)
    Challenges in the Eurozone (8 h)
    The decision-making process in the EU/ Lobbying in the EU (8 h)
  3. Skills training (72 h)
    International negotiations (20 h)
    Diplomatic protocol (8 h)
    Public speaking (8h)
    International project management (8 h)
    Cross-cultural management from the US perspective (12 h)
    Managing dispersed/virtual teams (8 h)

Total hours: 176