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Table of fees for academic year 2022/2023

First-cycle studies for one semester (sin​gle payment) for one semester (payment in installments) for repeating failed courses  for ECTS surplus resulting from covering extracurricular courses exceeding the limit of 6 ECTS points​ application fee​
full-time studies in Polish ​– 150 PLN per 1 ECTS​ point 150 PLN per 1 ECTS​ point ​85 PLN
full-time studies in English
2,000 EUR 2,100 EUR
(420 EUR per installment)
70 EUR per 1 ECTS​ point 70 EUR per 1 ECTS​ poin​t
​85 PLN
part-time studies afternoon or weekend studies in Polish 4,200 PLN​​ 4,250 PLN
(850 PLN per installment)
150 PLN per 1 ECTS​ point
​150 PLN per 1 ECTS​ point ​85 PLN