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National School Contests

The applicant may receive qualification points according to their performance in a national school contests – the list of eligible contests is presented in the table below.

When submitting documents, the applicantis required to present the original certificate issued by the organising committee of the contest in question.

School contests’ prerogatives are valid in the year of passing the maturity exam and within next two years.


​Name of the contest ​Qualification scope Qualification points awarded​ Exempt from the entry test​
​“Olimpiada Przedsiębiorczości” ​laureates and finalists 433 ​Yes
​“Olimpiada Wiedzy Ekonomicznej” ​laureates – 6 top places 433 ​Yes
​remaining laureates and finalists ​333 ​No
​selected national school contests* ​central tier laureates 433​ ​​Yes
​​central tier finalists ​​333 ​​No


*The following school contests can be taken into account: “Olimpiada Fizyczna,” “Olimpiada Geograficzna,” “Ogólnopolska Olimpiada Historyczna,” “Ogólnopolska Olimpiada Języka Angielskiego,” “Olimpiada Języka Francuskiego,” “Olimpiada Języka Hiszpańskiego,” “Ogólnopolska Olimpiada Języka Niemieckiego,” “Olimpiada Języka Rosyjskiego,” “Olimpiada Matematyczna,” “Wiedza o Polsce i Świecie Współczesnym.”

Sporting Achievements

The candidate may be awarded additional qualification points for various sporting achievements – up to 100 points. Only the highest-ranking achievement can be taken into account.

  • 100 points for participation in Olympic or Paralympics Games;
  • 50 points for participation in world or European championships in one of the sports overseen by a Polish sport association;
  • 30 points for winning a medal at Polish championships in the last two years in one of the sports overseen by a Polish sport association;
  • 30 points for playing in the 1st division (or equivalent) of any team sport at least in one season in the last two years;
  • 20 points for participation in the six best team sports teams in Polish Championship Finals in junior or older category in the last two years;
  • 20 points playing in a national team in junior or older category during the last two years;
  • 20 points for participation in third degree contests in the hierarchy of national league contests in a given age category, in team sports games in at least one season of the last two years, if the hierarchy of a given discipline involves at least five stages of the contest.

The above achievements need to be documented by an original certificate issued by the relevant Polish sport association.

The total number of points to be gained in the qualifying procedure cannot exceed 433 points.

Legal basis: Resolution no.102 of the Senat SGH Warsaw School of Economics of 26 May 2021 on the terms and conditions and the mode of recruitment for the 1st year of full-time and part-time first and second cycle studies at SGH Warsaw School of Economics in the academic year 2022/2023 (Polish only)